What’s a Geriatric Massage?

There’s an old saying, at least one our parents tell us all the time: “when you’re old everything hurts”. And this is not a lie, some of the problems of reaching a certain age include chronic pain, sored joints, circulation and heart problems. Other problems can be respiratory problems, constant falling, and depression. Visiting the doctor and taking various types of medication is a constant struggle. Don’t you think there should be an alternative way of relieving the pain of older people? Well, there is, and it’s called geriatric massage.

This massage was created for addressing the needs of elderly people. Elderly implies people of 65 years of age or more. A geriatric massage uses techniques such as light touching and stretching. Additionally, a practitioner can use oil or cream for doing the massage. It’s important to avoid the friction in the skin since this can cause more problems than relieve for the person.

A geriatric massage is great for maintaining a good condition while we age. Moreover, just like any massage, it enhances the blood circulation, it reduces chronic pain such as arthritis, which is a very common condition in elderly people. A geriatric massage improves posture in elderly people, it relieves joint pain, and, one of the best part of it: it decreases the chances of depression. Elderly people who are touch-deprived can beneficiate themselves from a geriatric massage.

If you’re part of the elderly population and you’re interested in getting a geriatric massage, first you should consult it with your main physician. Your doctor should be able to tell you if you can get this massage. As with any type of massage, some people can’t get this type of treatment due to specific condition. Your doctor should be able to tell you if a geriatric massage can work for you. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable during this massage, remember that you put the rules on how many clothes you’re wearing. Moreover, somebody you really trust can be with you the day of the treatment.