Understanding Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

If you foray into the world of eyelash extensions, the first thing you will discover is the enormous plethora of choices available for you. Their sheer variety and options might leave you completely baffled and even slightly terrified in nailing the right one. After all, it might just be your beauty statement! Thus, to makes things easier, we state below a rundown on the most common eyelash extensions available for you to choose from. Pick the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Ogden Lash and Wax of Ogden Utah is leading the way in the beauty industry in creating new and creative ways to incorporate lash technology into their client’s beauty needs.

Synthetic lash extensions

These eyelash extensions are mostly crafted from acrylic. Available in various shapes, length, thickness and curls, they are the cheapest and best for all those who look to create a ‘dramatic’ pop to make all heads turn. Compared to other types of eyelash extensions, they are shinier, sturdier, denser and glossier. The can hold any shape with aplomb because of their inherent firmness. However, since they pack some weight with being the heaviest eyelash extensions, they can be sometimes difficult to carry and are not meant for thinner and weaker eyelashes. If you are looking for a bold and glamorous look and have your natural eyelash suitable for it, it could be your ultimate choice. It is also the cheapest which again works in its favor.

Silk lash extensions

Silk lash extensions are a perfect alternative to those who are vegan, allergic to animal fur or even its price or are just looking for minimal maintenance extensions. Their weight lies somewhere between synthetic and mink extensions. They also pass in flying colors in terms of realism and thickness. Less glossy than synthetic, they ooze a more natural vibe. Available in various lengths, thickness and shapes, they can be adapted to ooze natural as well as fuller, bolder and dramatic look but without the ‘plasticky’ vibe. With these lashes, you enjoy a life of comfort and can easily sleep, swim, bathe or even play without getting scared of your extensions falling out. More they stand next to synthetic in terms of cheapness which makes them a good bet. They are ideal for senior clients as well as for all those who flaunt a weak and less healthy pair of natural lashes.

 Mink lash extensions

These lashes bear the closest resemblance to natural eyelashes since they are crafted from actual hair, specifically from the tail of Siberian or Chinese minks. Their natural ooze is so refined that they look infinitely better than your real lashes. Instead of the fake glossiness of the polyester lashes, these are feathery soft, fluffy, slightly curled and extremely lightweight. Because they hold curls naturally, they require regular perm and curling. They are so lightweight that you can easily layer them up for maximum volume and length without appearing as falsies. They are also the thinnest of all eyelash extensions which implies that they can last real long stuck on your eyelash and do not shed easily.

On the flip side, they are high-maintenance extensions. They tend to flop down with vanished curls if they get wet with water and thus require styling and maintenance each time, they get wet. Owning to their best natural look, they are also the most expensive extensions amongst the mink varieties. They are the top-of-the-line choice for naturally thin and weaker choice but may not be an ideal fit if you are allergic to animal hair. There is also a topic of animal cruelty involved here. Thus, you need to weigh it into the equation as well.

 Faux-mink lash extensions

Designed to bear a close resemblance to natural mink, they are crafted from synthetic, poly-fiber material. Remarkably soft and ‘fur-like’ they are available in a range of quality. They are immensely among last artists because they are not only available in a plethora of shapes, length and thickness but they also require far less maintenance than mink lashes. Barely requiring any perming or curling, they are glossier than silk lashes. Extremely lightweight and requiring minimal upkeep, they are ideal for just about anybody.

Wrapping up

The best way out is not to get intimidated by the numerous choices of eyelash extensions but hold a conversation with your lash artist about the options he has to offer. Each type of extension has its own pros and cons. Based on the health of your current eyelashes, desired outcome and budget, you can choose the best fit.